A Guide to Digital Marketing Agencies: What They Are, What They Do, Why You Need One, Etc.

A Guide to Digital Marketing Agencies: What They Are, What They Do, Why You Need One, Etc.

No business lives without digital marketing nowadays. More and more companies are creating an online presence to cater to their target audiences. This is logical since more people are using the Internet now, looking for reviews, working hours, services, and other information.
And if there’s a demand, there will be a supply. Digital marketing agencies are on the rise, helping thousands of businesses to take their niches in the online world. A wise campaign will:

  • Elevate your website in Google SERPs;

  • Draw more traffic to the source;

  • Increase conversions;

  • Increase brand awareness;

  • Increase revenue.

The world of digital marketing consists of lots of things from targeting to SEO and backlinks. And to make sure you have all of that working in a complex, you need a proper agency to take control.
Here, we’ll talk all things marketing, touching topics like:

  • What such agencies do;

  • How to choose one;

  • Who’s on the team, and more.

By the end of the article, you’ll know the basics of such an important factor in your business’s growth.

What Digital Marketing Agencies Do

The main source for such an agency is data. Based on it, a team of specialists works on the creation of the best-working campaign that will work for your business, for a particular product or service or a whole company.
To get the data, there’s a team of analysts that use loads of digital tools, from Google products to custom software, to analyze your point A. This is the situation of your brand and website at the moment:

  • Where are you in SERPs?

  • What do people say about you?

  • How much traffic do you get now?

  • What’s your revenue?

  • How great is your SEO optimization?

  • How accurate is your targeting?

And much more.
Here are some of the tasks a digital marketing agency performs:

  • The creation, implementation, and maintenance of campaigns from A to Z;

  • Everything SEO: keyword and performance analysis, adjustment, maintenance;

  • Trend research to make sure you’re the first in the industry to tap into them;

  • Broken link management;

  • Link building in all possible methods, including unlinked mention research, broken backlink search, elimination of spammy links, new reference negotiation, guest-post writing, etc.

  • Everything content: analysis of existing articles and their keywords, adjustment, promotion, the creation of new posts for your blog, the creation of the blog if you don’t have one yet;

  • Visual design for the campaign: video content, images, infographics, etc.

  • Email marketing when needed;

  • Social media presence and promotion: account creation and maintenance;

  • Targeting to make sure you cater to the right people with your website, SNS profiles, products, services, statements, etc.;

  • User experience on landings, the main website, blog, social media, etc.;

  • Responsive design so that people can access your site from a mobile phone (which is crucial nowadays), and, much more.

That’s an estimated list. There’s much more, depending on the subtype of agencies and what services you need from one.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

The choice of an agency is a very important step. This team will handle your brand information and use it to make it appealing for people to visit your website and buy products or services. For example, if you’re in Florida, there’s a digital marketing agency Miami that will find a unique approach to your business and provide a great campaign.
But if you’re in another state or need to know more on how to make the right choice, here are some recommendations:

  • Read reviews.
    People love to share reviews about services they use, especially if they had negative experiences. Do your research on the company of your interest and see what people are saying about it. This will help you make the final choice and understand whether it’s the right team for you.

  • Ask questions.
    Don’t hesitate to ask for more information. If you are knowledgeable about digital marketing, ask about the approaches they use. In case you’re not, have someone interview the representatives on the topic. See if the reps know what they are talking about.

  • Ask to see a portfolio.
    Even if the company isn’t able to share names, it should be able to show growth and success. Ask to see this data and see if there is any progress with the companies from your niche. If these marketers can handle the industry, they know all intricacies and are likely to provide benefits for your business.

Who You Will Work With

For that, the agency needs a lot of specialists, including:

  • Account manager.
    The main person for contact, discussions, negotiations, etc. They plan and control the implementation of new campaigns.

  • Graphic designer.
    The person responsible for visual content: videos, animations, images, etc. for the campaign;

  • Copywriter.
    The person responsible for everything your visitors read; an essential professional that communicates with your leads and inspires them to take a step forward on your website, social media, etc.;

  • SNS specialist.
    The person responsible for the complicated world of social media, syncing your accounts to offer the ultimate user experience;

  • SEO specialist.
    The person in charge of keywords, backlinks, their analysis, and results. They will elevate your site in SERPs and make sure it follows every trend and update of Google algorithms;

  • DM analyst.
    The person who sees how every step of the campaign goes and whether it all works out for you. This one knows every digital tool that shows your point A, progress, what is effective trash for your particular company.

There are a lot of specialists depending on the agency you choose.

To Summarize

Digital marketing consists of a plethora of activities, expertise, specialists, approaches, etc. You can handle it all yourself, but then, the focus will come off the core business. Plus, one person won’t be able to control everything long-term. Sooner or later, you will need a team of professionals to take over. 
Your business will grow and expand, which will require another scope of strategies and work needed to implement them. And a reliable agency will provide every needed expert from an analyst to a pro copywriter that can sell anything to anyone in a pleasant manner.
Start looking for a proper team now so that you don’t have to worry when the time for product launch or expansion comes!