5 Tips for Writing for a Mobile Audience

Mobile users are rising to the number one position on the Internet, which means if you haven’t already started writing for mobile audiences, it’s time to begin There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re writing for a mobile device, such as the size of the screen. When you hire an SEO agency for your company, you’ll hear a lot of talk about mobile-friendliness. This is why many professional SEO service providers offer Web design services. If your site doesn’t already have a responsive design, then you need to look into having it redone.

So what ways can you improve your content marketing strategy to suit mobile device users?

Consider the Mobile Experience

You can’t deny that using a smartphone or tablet is different than using a desktop. Studies have proven this to be true, showing that using a mobile device exhibits different behaviors from users. For instance, rather than looking at a Web page from the upper left corner, to the right and then downward, users’ eyes are beginning in the center of the screen and staying there. This is important to know, so you can better design your site’s content layout to suit the behavior of mobile users.

Write Headlines that Are Short and Sweet

Ditch the magazine-style long headlines and opt instead for those that are short and sweet. Your titles should be simple, yet strong enough to grasp the attention of users. This is ideal for mobile users who are working with small screens and short attention spans. A content writer from an SEO company can help with conjuring up exceptional headings.

Start with Powerful Points

This isn’t the time to save the best for last. You need to begin your content with your strongest point first. Why? Because this will capture and keep the attention of mobile users. Put your most powerful statement above the fold and have them continue below the fold to learn more.

Keep Your Paragraphs Brief

Again, short and sweet is the motto when it comes to writing with mobile users in mind. No one is going to sit on your smartphone, reading a long block of text. Make the content easier to digest by breaking it up into smaller paragraphs, preferably with subheadings.

Get Rid of the Fluff

No one has time for fluffy content, especially not mobile users. They’re looking for specific information and products and if it takes too long to find it, they’ll be on their merry way, looking for it elsewhere.

Don’t think you have what it takes to write for a mobile audience? Consider hiring an SEO company to do it for you!

Get Your Existing Products Into the Mobile Market

It’s really a great time, as an online marketer, for you to be entering the mobile market. There are a lot of people around with mobile devices, such as cell phones. Many of them even carry around more than one of these devices at a time. Plus, they’re always ready to pick up new gadgets as they are released. What this means is that these consumers have money to spend, and they can spend it from anywhere in the world, as long as they’re carrying their cell phone with them.

The good news, as a marketer, is that you can get your existing products onto these mobile devices without ever needing to take a lot of time or spend a lot of money. Just think about all the products you have which you could convert. There are ebooks, for which the hard work has already been completed in writing them. There are video products, where the videos could be repurposed to fit nicely onto mobile devices. All the options are there for these types of products.

Once you have identified the products that you want to convert, you need to start looking for a solution. A good way is to use a service which will take your content and automatically wrap in inside the software which converts this into a mobile application. Think of this as a like an eBook reader for a cell phone. The difference to stand alone eBook readers is that the content is already integrated inside. Your purchasers can’t download more products to add to this, they are just fixed with whatever content you supplied.

This really is the quickest way to get started with offering alternatives versions of your content for the mobile market. That way, the only cost of developing the product itself is having the application prepared and listed it on the app store. You have no cost associated with writing a new ebook, since this has already been done. You can test out the larger mobile marketplace in this way without needing to spend a large amount of money up front.

If you can advertise your new product well and get it onto the best seller list, you do stand to make money by following this approach. Obviously this depends how interesting your new product is to potential buyers. Never underestimate your current customer market either. They may be interested in a portable version of your product and this gives you a second way to sell the product to them. Do explore the options of integrating cell phones apps into your business plans now, whilst the market is still fresh and there is good money to be made.

WOW Mobile Review

Until this month, WOW Mobile was a division of Liberty International, an eleven-year old company headed up by Randy Jeffers, former leader of the troubled Destiny Telecom. WOW Mobile is a network marketing company, although it does not identify itself as a multi-level marketing company.

When I got involved with WOW, the company identified itself as an authorized reseller for T-Mobile and stated over and over that it was in the process of negotiating contracts with AT&T and Sprint. This was in February, 2010.

A key draw was their refer 3, get yours free program. If you sold phone service to three other people, you got free monthly service for life. The highest service plan a person could purchase at that time was the $89.99/month plan. This included taxes and fees. If you sold three other people the $89.99 plan, your service became free, as long as your three referrals remained customers. Additionally, there was a monthly autoship of $29.99.

The main benefit was derived, however, by selling the business opportunity. Liberty International has an octonary compensation plan. This means that you can have 8 legs where you can place people you sign up.

I personally got frustrated by a myriad of SNAFUs and glitches and became inactive as a distributor. However, I kept the service, since I had previously been with T-Mobile and the service was still coming through T-Mobile.

However, one day in June, my service got cut off. Come to find out, so did thousands of other people’s. I had the pleasure of spending hours on the phone with T-Mobile, converting back to T-Mobile. According to WOW Mobile, there is some big dispute over long distance charges and the two companies are now in litigation.

According to Troy Dooly at a website called MLM Help Desk, Liberty’s merchant accounts were frozen and head of company Randy Jeffers is presently paying distributors’ commissions out of his pocket. Troy also stated that WOW Mobile does NOT have contracts with any of the four Tier 1 mobile companies (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon).

A new entity has now been created called Liberty Freedom Network, and it seems that the company is attempting to hold it together and regroup.

I don’t believe WOW Mobile is a scam. I think it has the potential to be a good opportunity. However, it has a few too many kinks for my blood right now. I’m also not all that impressed with the veracity of the information given to distributors upon joining. I hope they do better in the future.

I personally chose to join an internet marketing company, where I can make large commissions up front, rather than having to develop an extensive downline as one must do to be profitable in network marketing.