5 Tips for Writing for a Mobile Audience

Mobile users are rising to the number one position on the Internet, which means if you haven’t already started writing for mobile audiences, it’s time to begin There are a lot of different factors to consider when you’re writing for a mobile device, such as the size of the screen. When you hire an SEO agency for your company, you’ll hear a lot of talk about mobile-friendliness. This is why many professional SEO service providers offer Web design services. If your site doesn’t already have a responsive design, then you need to look into having it redone.

So what ways can you improve your content marketing strategy to suit mobile device users?

Consider the Mobile Experience

You can’t deny that using a smartphone or tablet is different than using a desktop. Studies have proven this to be true, showing that using a mobile device exhibits different behaviors from users. For instance, rather than looking at a Web page from the upper left corner, to the right and then downward, users’ eyes are beginning in the center of the screen and staying there. This is important to know, so you can better design your site’s content layout to suit the behavior of mobile users.

Write Headlines that Are Short and Sweet

Ditch the magazine-style long headlines and opt instead for those that are short and sweet. Your titles should be simple, yet strong enough to grasp the attention of users. This is ideal for mobile users who are working with small screens and short attention spans. A content writer from an SEO company can help with conjuring up exceptional headings.

Start with Powerful Points

This isn’t the time to save the best for last. You need to begin your content with your strongest point first. Why? Because this will capture and keep the attention of mobile users. Put your most powerful statement above the fold and have them continue below the fold to learn more.

Keep Your Paragraphs Brief

Again, short and sweet is the motto when it comes to writing with mobile users in mind. No one is going to sit on your smartphone, reading a long block of text. Make the content easier to digest by breaking it up into smaller paragraphs, preferably with subheadings.

Get Rid of the Fluff

No one has time for fluffy content, especially not mobile users. They’re looking for specific information and products and if it takes too long to find it, they’ll be on their merry way, looking for it elsewhere.

Don’t think you have what it takes to write for a mobile audience? Consider hiring an SEO company to do it for you!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved in a way that no one could have anticipated a mere few years back.

As such, there are no real rules to follow in digital marketing.

The reason why this is true is because digital marketing in itself is very fast. Trends change in a matter of hours instead of months and ideas can become obsolete if looked at in the same way as traditional marketing.

However, the most important exception to digital marketing is the fact that since the whole idea is open to anyone and can be based on a very small budget; your idea may get out-dated or used up unless you act fast.

So, in case you are thinking of starting with digital marketing, here are a few handy tips which we hope will help you make the process smoother:



Research in the form of opinions, collate data from social networks and look around. Recent trends can help with the process a lot easier.

Web Analytics and Search Engine Analysis

This is a specialized kind of research. If you do not know what the terms mean, you should look them up before moving forward because they are the 2 most important pillars on which every digital marketing company is built.

Email & Affiliate Marketing

You can easily imagine what email marketing is. In short, it is promoting your website through emails, enticing potential customers to come visit with rewards. Affiliate marketing is another model, wherein you reward the people who come to visit with each visit. Initial traffic building is usually dependent on these methods.

Mobile marketing

Branching from web marketing to mobile marketing is one of the most lucrative sectors. The potential for mobile marketing is so high that it is poised to outstrip web marketing very soon. Be ready for the transition when you feel the time is right.


Don’t be too fast

While speed is indeed of the essence to capitalize on emerging markets, it is essential to be patient at times too. Try to see the bigger picture. For example, there are a LOT of social websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. try to decide what kind of clientele you wish to focus on and decide on a few of these accordingly to advertise. Trying all of them together is a sure shot way to failure.

Don’t be stingy on Development

A good uncluttered website is the first mark of a good e retailer. Do not skip out by hiring cheap developers as it may become a real problem later on.

Don’t be stagnant

Change is the very first thing you learn. Be ready to constantly update your site with SEO related terms and keep testing whenever possible. Code can get cluttered very fast if left to itself.

Don’t follow the crowd

You are there specifically because you are bringing something new to the table. Do not follow everyone else. Define your own rules and stick by them.

Is SEO Jeopardizing Your Content Marketing?

You should know by now the importance of having an SEO strategy for your company or brand. It’s key for boosting organic traffic, which is great because it brings more prospects who are actually looking for your products or services. It’s the bees knees in the Internet marketing industry, but if you’re not using it correctly, it could be ruining your content marketing efforts. Having an ineffective search engine optimization strategy is just as bad as not having one at all. It’s important to have an agency offers professional SEO services analyze your Search Engine Optimization plan to ensure it’s utilizing up-to-date methods.

Your content marketing and your Search Engine Optimization techniques should work harmoniously together. The following are common reasons why this isn’t a reality for most businesses.

Your Focus is On Short-Tail Keywords

Doing this oftentimes leads to thin content. Just a few years ago, it was simpler. You could focus your content around key phrases or words and actually gain higher rankings with no problem. But this often resorted to low-quality content that wasn’t desirable to human audiences.

Google Panda changed the game, rendering this old tactic ineffective. If you’re still using it, then this could be the reason why your content marketing plan is failing you. What you should be doing instead is focusing on long-form content and place less attention on individual keywords and more on search phrases that are relevant to your industry and topic. Your top priority is to please readers, so make your Internet marketing strategy is sound with content that is valuable, while still getting in a decent amount of keywords. An SEO agency with keyword research.

You’re Guest Writing for Low-End Sites

The quality of the websites you guest write for is very important. Think of it this way, would you read about running a business from a site that is spammy and shady looking? Likely not. No one will take your content seriously if it’s posted on a site that is low quality. Be more selective about where you have your content posted.

You’re Not Focusing on the Mobile User

Mobile SEO is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked, but what also gets little to no burn is the content marketing strategy. Having a mobile-friendly, responsive website design is only one part of it. You should also focus on writing headlines that are designed to attract users who are on the go and are uploaded in a format that is easily viewable on mobile devices.

If your content marketing is guilty of these mistakes, then it’s time to revamp the internet marketing strategy of your company. Consider working with an SEO agency to work out the kinks.